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I saw an SMS Text Message on my phone from +2349137135573.
The scammer even knew my full name.
Na Waa Ooo...
The message goes like this........
I’m directed by the SGF, MR.BOSS MUSTAPHA to inform you to urgently forward your CV/BIO-DATA and recent passport photocopy via email:[email protected] to the office for consideration for a Federal appointment.
Best Wishes.
Dr.Michael Williams

The number he used to send the text was 09137135573.
How he got my full names correctly, I don't just know.
And he expected me to urgently send my CV to him.
The first red -alert I saw in the text message was the email address. It didn't resemble the official email of the SGF in any way.
So I rushed and checked his number on Truecaller, but the name there was “Dr. Williams SGF Office Abuja”.
Probably, he had gone on Truecaller by himself to edit the information so that anyone who searches the Number would see the name there and believe him.
I searched the email address on the internet, and I came to discover that he had been scamming lots of Innocent Nigerians since 2020 with this same email address, but with different names and different phone numbers.
Please my people, is there a way that he can be identified (and his exact location pinned) with his phone number, and arrested immediately with no further delay.??


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