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Excitement In Big Dreams Talent Show House

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The ongoing Big Dream Nigeria Talent Show has continue to record amazing events, visitations and special appearances from notable personalities, reputable individuals and famous celebrities within the Federal Capital Territory as well as from across Nigeria. Few days ago, popular Celebrity Chef and Enterpreneur, Dr. Kelly Sampa visited Housemates at the Big Dreams Nigeria Talent Show House.

According to our source, the visit by Dr. Kelly Sampa was indeed overwhelming and exciting as housemates were engaged in culinary lectures by Celebrity Chef, in an amazing and warm ambience, that was quite educative. It was reported that Dr. Kelly prepared delectable dishes that was enough to feed the entire housemates of Big Dreams Nigeria Talent Show.

Speaking with Dr. Kelly few hours after his visit, he described the reception he received and his egagements with Housemates at the Big Dream Nigeria Talent as interesting and worthwhile. He encouraged housemates to remain devoted and committed to the vision of Big Dreams Nigeria Talent Show.

The Hosts, Organisers and Housemates, expressed appreciation to Dr. Kelly for the educative culinary lectures and tasty meals his presence provided. They had thanked him in several ways and gestures. Most especially, the Principal Executive and Director of Big Dreams Nigeria Talent Show, Amb. Kingsley Amafibe, while speaking with AbujaPress availed the humble presence of Dr. Sampa, stressing that, his charismatic affluence and interest in talent advocacy, as well as support for Nigeria youths will remain indelible.

The reality talent show received several personalities, rewards from notable agencies, partners and sponsors from Big Dreams Nigeria Talent Show, as it continues to record massive media promotions, anticipations and participations. The talent show has continue to identify, explore and encourage new opportunities for raw talents for Nigeria youths.

As the countdown continues the end of the show on 22nd September, 16 housemates are already been evicted remaining 14 who will battle for the grand prizes of Endorsements, movie shoot, music release and cash.



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