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Veteran actor, Jimoh Aliu is dead!

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Veteran actor, Jimoh Aliu is dead.The late thespian who acted mainly in the Yoruba movie sector of the film industry died in a hospital in Ado-Ekiti this afternoon.

In an exclusive chat with The PUNCH, the president of the Theater Arts and Motion Picture Producers Association of Nigeria, Bolaji Amusan popularly known as Mr Latin, confirmed Aliu’s death.

He described the late actor as a cultural ambassador.


Mr Latin said, “It is very true that Chief Jimoh Aliu is dead. He was a veteran and like a pathfinder in the movie industry. He paid his dues and may God accept his soul.

“He died in a hospital in Ado-Ekiti this afternoon. He was in the hospital for the past four days.

“Unfortunately, I am not a medical doctor. So there is no way I can know the cause of his death. I know he was sick, he was taken to the hospital and he died this afternoon.”

The comic actor further said that the late Aliu lived a fulfilled life.

“He lived a well-fulfilled life and he passed on at the ripe age of over 85. He paid his due in the entertainment industry. He was a cultural ambassador. Chief Jimoh Aliu was a father and grandfather. He was an icon,” Mr Latin said.

The late actor popular referred to as Aworo was born on November 11, at Oke-Imesi, a city in Ekiti State. He began his acting career in 1959 after joining Akin Ogungbe Theatre Group.




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