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Zimbabweans Selling Their Toes To Ritualists For $20000 To $40000 USD (video)

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Zimbabweans have been thrust back into the spotlight after a video went viral showing a man chopping off his toes and selling them to a millionaire.

The Zimbabwean millionaire is buying toes from poor Zimbabweans, offering them nearly $40,000 or a brand new automobile in exchange for cutting their toe in public.

After being given the keys to a Toyota Hilux, one man is shown voluntarily cutting off his big toe in the video. He could be seen walking towards the automobile as blood was pouring after he sold the thumps.

While it is becoming the norm in Zimbabwe for poor people to sell their body parts in return for money, some South Africans have stated that they would do the same if offered the same amount of money, which is roughly R500 000.

The toes collected by the Zimbabwean millionaire, on the other hand, are believed to be utilised for ritual purposes, and some claim that sacrificing toes is how their businesses are growing.

South Africa, on the other hand, has its own set of ceremonial issues. Unfortunately, some businessmen in South Africa are employing serial killers to abduct and murder innocent people in order to obtain their body parts for rituals.

"The love of money is the source of all evil," as the ancient proverb goes. People are doing everything they can to ensure that they receive money. Many people blame African governments for failing to implement pro-people economic policies.


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