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Oil and Gas Vacancy - Chartered Accountant

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Oil and Gas Vacancy - Chartered Accountant


Our client is in need of exceptionally talented young Accountant with 2-3 years practical accounting experience in similar organization or function.

Company Background

Our Client is a fast-growing oil and gas company with expertise in distribution of natural gas, wholesale power generation, gas plant installation and management as well as installation of pressure reducing and metering station.

They are located in Ikeja Lagos.


1. Candidate must have minimum of First Degree and be a Chartered Accountant;
2. Must have hands on experience in IFRS Standards, Oil and Gas processes
3. Ability to render accounts upto final accounts, and attends to regulatory issues including Tax, FIRS filing, etc
4. Must have good communication skills.
5. Ability to work under little or no supervision;
6. Must be between the age of 27-39;
7. Must have at least 2-3 years' work-related experience; (similar role and company)

Interested applicants should send their CVs directly to: [email protected] using job title - OIL AND GAS VACANCY - CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT.

The job has a competitive pay package as applicable in the Oil and Gas sector.

Closing Date - Friday September 25, 2020.



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