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  • Liner Shipping business

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About Our Client

Present internationally our client is a key player in the Logistics and shipping industry. With their proven background in the business, they have ensured the best tailor-made and high-quality logistics solutions to its global customers.

Job Description

The role of the Senior Sales Manager is to:

  • execute the sales plan and is responsible for achieving objectives with regards to revenue, volume and contribution.
  • directly supervise, manage and control the sales team function according to the guidelines set by his/her direct superior.
  • assign actions areas and targets for the sales force.
  • approve sales reports prepared by sales staff in analysis meetings.
  • develop sales support activities and performs regular visits if necessary.
  • escalate to his/her superior exceptional cases that escape standard rules but may benefit the company.
  • prepare and revise daily activity schedules, maintains records per sales executive and key accounts.
  • ensure that the sales territory meets or exceeds volume/revenue/contribution objectives.
  • communicate effectively all account specifics to the Customer Service and Sales departments to ensure top level service and competitive pricing.
  • develop sales strategies to increase business.
  • negotiate and complete customer bids and contracts.
  • assist staff with the development of their personal goals/budget.
  • ensure that all departmental and functional training requirements are fulfilled.

The Successful Applicant

  • Familiar with the liner shipping business
  • Knowledge of main trade lanes and inland container depot's in and around Nigeria
  • Strong teamwork and interaction with Sales, Customer Service, Operations and Business
  • Administration departments, with a view to find synergies across departments
  • Management experience and leadership skills
  • Comprehensive knowledge of user application systems MS office.

What's on Offer

This is a challenging opportunity for someone who is looking for an exciting challenge and ready for a transformation journey. Our Client is offering an attractive remuneration structure.


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