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Nigeria Esports Federation (NEF) to partner NFF on FIFA e-Nations Cup

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GAMR has announced it has reached an agreement with the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) to support it as a technical partner for the participation of the Nigeria Esports Federation (NEF) in the FIFA approved FIFAe Nations Cup competition.

Gamr is an esports and gaming technology company with the mission to advance gaming culture and esports by powering competitive tournaments and investing in the next generation of professional players in Nigeria and Africa at large.

The FIFAe Nations Cup is the pinnacle event for esports players to represent their countries on a global stage.

This competition involves players competing for their country at the regional level and then, qualifying as one of the 24 nations that will participate in the finals.

In partnership with the NEF, the initial campaign will feature a comprehensive grassroots programme for the emergence of player representatives that will represent the country in the online qualifiers in April 2023.

According to the President of the NEF, Mr. Clinton Agbor: “This is a good opportunity for Nigerian FIFA esports players to showcase their talent, through the FIFAe Nations Cup competition.”

The NEF commended both the NFF and Gamr, saying the partnership between the three stakeholders will do well to bring more opportunities to FIFA esports players in Nigeria and foster collaboration amongst stakeholders in the ecosystem as a whole.

Gamr has organised over 300 tournaments and has forged partnerships with such brands as Redbull, Nivea, Nigeria University Games Association, SociaLiga, for the advancement of this mission.


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