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How I sustained Osun economy without borrowing - Oyetola

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Oyetola. Photo/FACEBOOK/OsunGovernor

Says N97b paid out of inherited debt, N14b in coffers
The outgone Osun State Governor, Adegboyega Oyetola, at the weekend, disclosed that his government had successfully paid N97 billion from the total debt inherited in 2018 when he assumed office.

He also said that his administration had left N14 billion cash in the state’s coffers for the incoming government.

The former governor said that his administration did not borrow to finance the economy of the state, adding that he successfully kept faith and maintained fidelity with his electoral promises since assumption of office.

Oyetola, who stated this in his farewell message to the people of the state, noted that his administration had put the state’s economy on a sure-footing through the people-centred and masses-focused projects implemented to make life worthwhile for the people of the state.

According to him, the state under his watch has been stable economically as manifested in the astronomical increment in the GDP of the state since he assumed office.

He affirmed that Osun State is more stable economically than he met it in 2018, adding that despite all the visible socio-economic challenges confronting the state with its attendant effects, he was able to take care of the fears and evil of fiscal indiscipline and lack of implementation, which hamper projects and services in the nation’s public service.

“As I step aside today following the conclusion of the four-year tenure you freely gave me, I thank God and I thank you for your support, cooperation and prayers over the years.

“I recall how the journey began four years ago; how by your belief in me and your conviction in the plans and programmes of our party, you exercised your right to vote for me.

“As we draw the curtains on this first tenure, we are convinced that we neither reneged on our promise nor disappointed you. We kept faith with you and maintained fidelity with our electoral promises. It was our wish to continue to serve you but we are constrained by the outcomes of the July 16 governorship election, which we are already challenging in court.

“As a law-abiding citizen and government, we are stepping aside to allow the law takes its course.

“However, we look forward to continue to serve you in no distant future. We have absolute trust in God that we shall be back soon, as we have implicit trust and confidence in the judiciary to do justice in the case before it.

“We are confident that this period of temporary political eclipse shall pass. The sun shall shine again, brighter and warmer and the sustainable development and participatory governance that we enthroned, which have been applauded by local and international organisations, shall be restored and put on a surer and better footing”

“There can be no substitute to people-oriented and development-savvy governance in a democracy. The tap-roots of the unprecedented good governance, inclusive and participatory governance that we introduced, which delivered massive equitable projects and programmes, are too strong to be uprooted.

“As we end our first term, rest assured that Osun State is more stable economically than we met it in 2018 and it remained the most peaceful state in the country under our leadership.”


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