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List Of One Million Delisted Voters - INEC Breakdown According To States

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Nigeria election office don remove alias delist more than one million newly registered voters.


Independent National Electoral Commission [Inec] say dem take out di affected voters afta one verification process and ‘’clean up’’ of dia register.


INEC for statement on Monday 12 September, say those affected na pipo wey register between June 2021 and January 2022 to get Permanent Voters Cards.


Di electoral commission say during dat period 2,523,458 pipo bin register.


But dem discover from records say 1,126,359 pipo registration dey ‘’invalid and so delisted’’.


E mean say nearly half of di registrations during dat period dey invalid.


According to di commission, dem detect ‘’double, multiple and ineligible registrants’’.


Dis tori go tell you how to check if your name dey INEC 2023 voter register.


And di pictures from top go down go show di number of delisted voters wey INEC breakdown according to states.





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