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Oro Festival: Ikorodu Residents fault stay indoors order for women

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It was stated that traditional chiefs have warned female residents in Ikorodu to stay indoors on Thursday, May 19th as customary of the festival rites.

The Oro Festival is an event celebrated by towns and settlements of Yoruba origin.

It is a traditional festival of patriarchal nature, and it is only celebrated by male descendants who are natives to the specific locations the celebration holds.

Reacting, residents in the community decried the continuity of such regulation.

In a Facebook group for Ikorodu residents, one Ebenezer Ladipo stated that Ikorodu is not the only area where traditions and cultures are practiced but unlike other areas who do not place restrictions, Ikorodu does.

Ladipo said, “When is this going to stop? Ikorodu has come a long way? We hardly hear such in Lagos Island or Ikeja. Tradition and culture also exist in these areas too.

“Gone are the days when Ikorodu is predominantly occupied by indigenes. Today, Ikorodu division is a mini Nigeria with people of different cultures and traditions domiciled in every part of Ikorodu.

“I implore the traditional rulers, the political leaders and businessmen and women of Ikorodu origin to look into this holistically.”

Kehinde Adelaja was concerned about the West Africa Senior School Examination that will be ongoing by the time, wondering if female candidates would be prevented from writing their paper.

Adelaja said, “Is there no waec paper on that day, sir? How will female WAEC candidates write their paper for the day?”



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