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Globacom Accountant Commits Suicide Due To Loneliness

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No husband, no child, no boyfriend
No s.x in 7years
Just church
She committed suicide overnight in Lekki. Folake Abiola, an accountant with GLO !..
A lonely life can really be depressing and suicidee e threatening, honestly may God continue to help us ni oo..
That's why I don't blame the party goers, it's really better to be a party freak than be depressedd, ladies expecially single women please don't killl yourself with loneliness, truly, sometimes we want to stay away from men due to their lies, etc but still it's not worth it... if you know you don't have a man of your own, please go out with friends, party, club, drink, if you like get high and sleep away your sorrow, life goes on....
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